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VENTURE MFG. C/O. linear motors are suitable for applications where precise, energy-efficient and, if necessary, customized solutions are required. Also suitable for hospital environments are Venture actuators, with requirements for hygiene, accuracy and price to quality ratio. For the needs of the food and brewing industry, you can find Venture linear motors, which were used e.g. raw material collection and handling systems, production and packaging systems. Venture actuators are also used in defense industry applications such as cannon systems, armored vehicles and warships.

VENTURE MFG. C/O. can be found in the selection

  • Linear motions
  • DC actuators
  • DC gearmotors
  • Transmission
  • Stepper motors

The following are Venture uses:

  • solar panel actuators
  • hospital equipment
  • agricultural machinery and equipment
  • transport and traffic
  • Manufacturing industry, industrial automation
  • mining industry
  • material handling lighting

VMD series

  • Small and powerful spindle motor
  • Operating voltage 12/24 VDC
  • Force up to 1 kN
  • Stroke length 50 - 300 mm
  • Maximum speed 45 mm / s
  • Built-in limit switches
  • Optional potentiometer, Hall sensor

VMD series, Venture

VMD series, Venture

Operating voltage 12 / 24VDC, max. force 1kN

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