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RHE 27 Panel-mounted electronics, Rheonik

Rheonik panel-mounted electronics with multiple outputs

The RHE 27 is Rheonik's new generation of electronics with Assurance View® diagnostics that monitor meter performance. The electronics have a large LCD display and three pushbuttons for changing parameters. The color of the LCD backlight changes if the performance of the meter deteriorates, making it easy for the process operator to detect a change in performance on the display as well. The electronics include a USB connection and RHECom PC software, which allows parameters / configuration to be done quickly and easily.

  • MEASUREMENTS: Mass flow, volumetric flow, density and temperature measurements
  • Outputs: 2 pcs 4-20mA, 2 digital outputs (frequency / pulse), 2 status
  • Inputs 2 pcs digital, 1 pc 4-20mA
  • Assurance View® diagnostics and Assurance Factor® which indicates the performance level of the meter
  • Large LCD display with color-changing backlight
  • Improved mass and density measurement due to improved temperature compensation
  • Advanced measurements such as NET Oil, API ° Corrected Volume and standard gas volume
  • It is possible to password protect the electronics so that the parameters cannot be changed
  • USB connection / RHE com software available free of charge
  • RS485 / Modbus RTU
  • HART output
  • Protection class IP20 or IP54
  • Operating voltage 12..24VDC ± 10% or 100 ... 240VAC ± 10%
  • It is possible to lock the electronics mechanically to prevent the parameters from being changed
  • Ex approval (Atex / IEC Ex), CSA

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