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RHM 015L/02L/03L/04L Coriolis Mass Flow meter

Flow range 0,003...30kg/min

Flow range 0,003...30kg/min

The Rheonik L-Series is a series developed for the small flow ranges of liquids and gases with a new and improved design, resulting in a 30% lower pressure drop due to a redesigned crossover. In the new design, the base plate is also thicker, which allows more stable measurements in applications with strong external vibration. Rheonik L-Series mass flow meters also have a higher pressure resistance of 1379 bar / 20,000 Psi and a higher IP rating, available up to IP69K. The L-Series has two built-in temperature sensors that allow more accurate measurements in applications with a higher temperature range. Thanks to the new temperature compensation, density measurement is also possible at low currents. The meter is also available with a wider range of piping materials and is very compact.

Rheonik flow meters well known due to a unique Omega-shaped structure that allows flow measurement at high pressures and temperatures. The Coriolis type flow meter does not require pressure compensation and therefore allows use on pipes with a thicker outer wall. As a result, Rheonik Coriolis type flowmeters have a long life and are also suitable for use with abrasive and corrosive compounds.

In the patented Omega structure of the Rheonik Coriolis flow meter, the measuring area is separated from the piping and therefore the vibration and thermal expansion of the piping do not affect the measurement result. The Omega structure of the flow meter also allows a stable measurement result if there are air bubbles in the measured substance, as well as other particles. The oscillation required for the measurement in the flowmeter structure is achieved with low energy consumption.

RHM  015L/02L/03L/04L series specification:

  • Flow range 0.003 ... 30 kg / min
  • Maximum pressure 1379 bar
  • Temperature -192 ... + 350 ° C
  • Accuracy 0.1% of reading
  • Materials: 316L, 316Ti, Hastelloy, tantalum, duplex, superduplex study for other materials
  • For hygienic applications Rheonik sanitary sealless mass flow sensors do not contain any elastomer seals and are available with fully wetted materials traceability.
  • Compact and small design
  • Ex approval (ATEX, CSA)
  • Process connections: 1/4 "... 1/2 or DN15 flange"

Electronics (transmitters):

  • Ex d approved electronics with aluminum housing RHE 12
  • Profibus module RHE 15
  • DIN rail mounting electronics with Modbus and diagnostics RHE 16
  • Ex d approved electronics with acid-proof housing RHE 21
  • Panel / DIN rail electronics RHE 26
  • Panel Mount Electronics RHE 27
  • Wall-mounted IP67 rated electronics RHE 28
  • Ex d approved electronics with aluminum housing RHE 12
  • The RHE45 is an extremely compact Coriolis transmitter

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