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Aluminum gear flow meter ZHA KEM

For lubricating fluids such as hydraulic oil, oils and greases

The ZHA gear flowmeter has a high-strength aluminum frame and high-quality ball bearings. The ZHA series is mainly used with lubricating fluids. Thanks to the ball bearing, the friction of the gears starting out is very low. This allows measurement even at low flows and low viscosities.

Features of the ZHA aluminum gear flowmeter :
• Measuring range 0.02 ... 1000 l / min
• Accuracy ± 0.1%
• Repeatability 0.05% (under the same measuring conditions)
• Linearity ± 0.5% of the reading (Viscosity ≥ 30 mm2 / s)
• Materials: Frame Aluminum (DIN 3.4365 EN AW 7075), Gears DIN 1.4122, Bearings: Stainless steel, Seals: FKM and PTFE
• Maximum pressure 315 bar
• Fluid temperature -20 ° C ... + 150 ° C (inquire about other temperatures )

Signal converters suitable for ZHA flowmeter:
• Inductive with pulse output (VIE 02)
• 4-20mA with pulse output (WT.02-WI.02)
• Hall sensor with pulse output (VHE and VHD)
• Inductive pulse with output (VIE 03)
• Inductive for applications with is high temperature (IF and VIE)

Local displays and electronics:
• Local display with analog and frequency output that can be linearized (10-point linearization) (VTC / VIC)
• Wall-mounted display with analog and frequency output (VTG / VIG)
• Panel-mounted display with analog and frequency output (FAS 100)
• Wall-mounted with analog and frequency output (FAW100)
• Frequency / analog converter (FAU 50)
• Intrinsically safe for explosive atmospheres (EWS)

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