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PCU-10 display / controller for mass flow controllers, Vögtlin

Display and control unit for thermal mass flow controllers and meters PCU-10 Vögtlin

The PCU-10 controls the operation of up to ten mass flow controllers according to the gas mixing recipe programmed into the device. Compact control unit with color touch screen and integrated power supply. The device automatically detects the serial numbers, flow ranges and calibrated gases of the mass flow meters or regulators connected to it. The PCU-10 has four functions: single instrument control, gas mixing, master-slave mixing and burner control.


  • Flow display for each controller / meter setpoint
  • Actual gas flow display
  • Setting and saving settings
  • 12 different gas mixture recipe storage
  • Total flow measurement for each flow meter and controller
  • Determination of minimum and maximum values ​​with an alarm when the limit value is reached
  • Gas mixing option with 12 different recipes
  • Temperature display for each meter
  • The controllers can be connected directly to the PCU-10 without separate network adapters
  • Computer control with PDM-U cable

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