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Red-y Industrial, Mass flow controller with Ex approval, Vögtlin

Gas mass flow meters and controllers for demanding aplications - Ex approved by Vögtlin

Vögtlin gas mass flow controllers and meters use a CMOS sensor, which makes the measurement and control response time very fast (with a controller of 150ms and a meter of 50ms). In addition, the measurement is very accurate up to ± 0.3% of full range + ± 0.5% of reading and turndown 1: 100. The warm-up time of the CMOS sensor is also short (less than 1s), so the sensor reaches full accuracy very quickly. The Smart series has both analog and digital communication and RS485 and Modbus RTU as standard, so the controller is easy to control directly from a computer. The controller uses a tightly closing control valve with a leakage value of less than 1x10-6mbar l / s He. The controller is also available with a local display as well as a display with pushbuttons with which the setpoint can be changed locally. Each meter is calibrated separately with the gas used in the application. One meter can be calibrated with up to ten different gases. Get red-y software is available free of charge for mass flow controllers and meters.

Technical data:

  • Accurate measurement and adjustment in the standard model ± 1% of the total range (turn down 1:50) or High performance model ± 0.3% of the full range + 0.5% of the measurement reading (turn down 1: 100).
  • Output signal: (analog) 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V or 2-10V
  • Output messages: (digital) RS485 Modbus RTU, Lab View-Vls, Profibus DP-V0, DP-V1
  • In contrast to variable area flow meters, the digital mass flow devices are insensitive to pressure and temperature changes
  • The controller is calibrated with the same gas as in the application and this ensures high accuracy
  • Large selection of accessories: VCR vacuum connectors, cables, crimp connectors, filters cables, etc ...
  • Calibration can be traced to the METAS Standard (Federal of metrology Switzerland)
  • Fast response time (with controller 150ms and with meter 50ms)
  • Leak tight (leakage value is less than 1x10-6mbar l / s He)
  • Analog and digital message in the same controller
  • 3D CAD data files available
  • AISI316L frame
  • EPDM seals (FDA approved)
  • Electrical connection M12 connector or cable gland
  • Ex approval II 3G nA IIC T4 Gc, II 3D Ex tc IIIC T100 ° C Dc
  • The instruments offer IP67 / NEMA 6 protection against solid particles and water
  • Available material certificate 3.1
  • Multigas (option)
    One meter or controller can be used for up to 10 different gases or gas mixtures
  • Swiss quality and the product has a 3-year warranty
  • Get red-y software available for free

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