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Vortex Flow meters

Vortex flow measurement is a simple and inexpensive method of measurement and is suitable for many different uses and over a wide temperature range. The meter also has a temperature sensor, so it is also well suited for thermal energy measurement applications. The Vortex flowmeter may also have a pressure gauge like the Azbil meter. In other words, the same meter can be used to measure volume flow, temperature and pressure. These can be used, for example, to directly measure the energy of steam. This Vortex flow meter is excellently suited for measuring e.g. for steam flow measurement, as the obstruction in the flow channel causes a small pressure drop, as a result of which the water droplets on the pipe wall evaporate.


Vortex Flow meter, Azbil

Vortex Flow meter, Azbil

For liquids, gases and steam

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