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Humdity and Temperature Sensor with hx processor


with exchangeable digital measuring head
Plug-and-Measure Unit PMU-V
with integrated hx processor for determination of the values dew point temperature, mixing ratio, enthalpy, absolute humidity and wet bulb temperature
current or voltage output
rod-shaped sensor or duct version with high grade steel sensor tube
with capacitive Mela® humidity sensing element

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Wermundsen OÜ
Mustamäe tee 55
EE-10620 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel: (+372) 601 4202

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Model Sensor model (PMU) Humidity Temperature Output
PM15VS Cable 0… 100 % rh -40…+85 °C RS232
PM80VGS wall mount 0… 100 % rh -40…+85 °C RS232
PM80VKS Duct mount 0… 100 % rh   50… +150 °C RS232
PM80VZS.H For high temp.  +200 °C 0… 100 % rh -60…+200 °C RS232
PM80VZS.HD High pressure, 25 bar 0… 100 % rh -60…+200 °C *) RS232

*) Max. temperature +160 °C

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