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Advantages of electronic pressure switches

Electronic pressure switches have many advantages compared to older mechanical switches. For example, electronic switches are suitable for many applications requiring fast switching and many switching cycles.

Electronic switches will maintain precise switching point accuracy for their entire service period. They also have an extensive switching range and allow the user to select a delay time for switching and several programmable switching points. All that helps reduce and limit the number of pressure switches in the systems.

Wexon provides a wide range of Trafag's pressure switches that can be configured via NFC using the Trafag smartphone app. The products are equipped with robust and reliable thin-film-on-steel sensor technology.

DPS8381 - compact transmitter/pressure switch with a display and an M12 electrical connection.

NAT8252 - industrial pressure switch with 1-2 switching outputs and an M12 electrical connection.

NAE8256 - certified pressure switch for engines and #marine applications. It is equipped with an M12 electrical connection and 1-2 switching outputs.

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