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Electromagnetic flowmeters from Wexon

Electromagnetic flowmeters are used for measuring conductive liquids. These flow meters provide good accuracy while also being cost-effective.

The measuring system of magnetic flowmeters is based on electromagnetic induction.
In the flowmeter, the electromagnets placed above and below the meter create a magnetic field between them.
When an electrically conductive substance flows through a magnetic field, a voltage is generated between the electrodes on both sides of the tube. The voltage is directly proportional to the average flow rate of the substance.
The electronics of the magnetic flowmeter convert the voltage into an output message.
Due to its operating principle, the magnetic flow meter is only suitable for electrically conductive flow materials, such as water and various chemicals.

The MS5000 series includes affordable magnetic flowmeters for water and electrically conductive liquids. These flowmeters are also suitable for liquids containing solids, which generally cause problems when using mechanical flowmeters.

The device attaches easily to a plastic pipe with a hose clamp that firmly seals the meter in place. The MS5000's nominal diameters range from 1" (DN25) up to 3" (DN80).

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