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Flow Measurement

Wexon is representing the following Flow Measurement range selection:

  • Flow Meters
  • Flow Indicators
  • Flow Switches

Flow solutions from Wexon experts
Our wide range of flow measurement tools covers a wide range of measurement methods. Many applications can use several different measurement methods, each with its own characteristics. That is why we always try to find out our customer's application as accurately as possible and find the most suitable solution together. This is how our customers get the most out of the product. Our experts help you find the best solutions for liquids, gases and vapors.

The product range consists of products from manufacturers KEM Küppers, Rheonik, CS-Instruments, Henke Sass Wolf, Katronic, Litre Meter, Flow-Mon, Azbil, Vögtlin, Tecfluid, ISOIL, Fantini Cosmi and Lake Monitors.

In case of any questions in regards to Flow Measurement product range please contact to our Sales Engineers (we speak ENG and RUS) or sending inquiry directly to our email:

Wexon flow meters
At Wexon you will find high-quality flow meters for liquids, gases and steam. Wexon's experts have extensive experience in various flow measurement methods and we always strive to provide our customers with the product that best suits their application.

When measuring fluid flow, the choice of meter is influenced by the properties of the fluid, such as viscosity, density, temperature, pressure and electrical conductivity, and the location of installation. In addition, the choice is influenced by whether the meter is used in an application where the flow changes rapidly, such as in dosing.

Wexon's range also includes meters that can be used, for example, to load various chemicals. Some flow meters can also be equipped with temperature sensors, so that the flow meter can be used to measure thermal energy. Several meters can also be equipped with batteries, allowing the measurement to be made in locations where electricity is not available.

Analog output messages are available from our flow meters and can often also be equipped with a fieldbus. Many flow meters also have a local display and buttons for quick and easy commissioning.

What makes gas flow measurement challenging is that the volume of the gas changes if the pressure or temperature of the gas changes. Therefore, we often recommend mass flow measurement for gas flow measurement, so that changes in pressure and temperature do not affect the measurement.

For steam flow measurement, we recommend Vortex flow meters, where the sensor in the steam pipe causes a small pressure drop, whereby water condensed on the pipe walls evaporates. The vortex meter can also be equipped with pressure and temperature sensors, so that thermal energy can be measured directly. You can find more information about the different measurement methods on our flow measurement websites. You can always contact us and we will be happy to help you choose a flow meter.

If you have any questions about the flow, you can turn to our experts.

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