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The mechatronics category includes:

  • DC and AC motors
  • Servo Motors
  • Stepper motors and controllers
  • Linear Actuators
  • Lead screw and NUT assemblies
  • Electromagnets, brakes and switches and solenoids
  • Mechatronics spindle motors and equipment fans.

We offer components e.g. measuring instruments, packaging industry, conveyors, door drives, automotive industry, various locking drives, cooling of electronic components.

The manufacturers of mechatronics products we represent are the German Dunkermotoren , RACO , the American  Haydon Kerk , Pitmann and Venture , the English SG-Stephensson Cobin, the Italian Transtecno  and Setec, the Japanese Namiki and Sanyo Denki and the Swiss Isliker Magnete .

Customized designs also available.

For questions in the field of mechatronics, contact our sales representatives or via general e-mail

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