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KatFlow 10 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Katronic

Ultrasonic flow meter for liquids containing solids or gas bubbles

KatFlow 10 is a simple surface-mounted ultrasonic flowmeter that is a cost-effective alternative to flowmeters installed between pipelines. Flow pulses are used to measure the flow of liquids containing solids or gas bubbles. The meter is very easy to install and is ideal for applications that require good repeatability and reliable results. FlowKat 10 applies a measurement technique in which ultrasonic waves are reflected from particles or gas bubbles in a fluid, so the measurement method requires liquids that contain solids or gas bubbles such as wastewater. The flowmeter is made of stainless steel and is available with a 4-20 mA output and a pontoon free contact.

  • Available in pipe sizes 30 ... 350mm, 30 ... 1250 and 30 ... 2000mm
  • Fluid temperature -20 ... + 70 ° C
  • Robust IP68 enclosure
  • Flow rate 0.3 ... 4 m / s and high flow rate sensor max10 m / s
  • Operating voltage 18 ... 28 m / s
  • Accuracy ± 5% (up to 350 mm tube size)
  • Pipe wall thickness <20mm
  • Minimum particle size 100µ
  • Minimum particle concentration 200 ppm
  • Outputs: potential-free contact, 4-20mA output, RS232, RS485 modbus

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