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KATFlow170 Ultrasonic flowmeter Katronic

Explosive atmosphere ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids

The advantages of ultrasonic flow meters include ease of use and quick and easy installation. In ultrasonic flow measurement, the measurement takes place in the process from outside the piping with surface-mounted sensors. The sensors are easy to install because the measurement takes place from outside the piping and the installation does not require piping modifications or cause additional connections that are potential leaks. Because the measurement takes place from outside the pipeline, the installation of the measurement does not cause process interruptions, nor pressure loss. The measurement is thus also hygienic. Acid-resistant, robust sensors provide a reliable, highly repeatable and reliable measurement that is independent of fluid, conductivity and pressure. Katronic's ultrasonic flowmeters have a unique sensor placement function that facilitates installation.

  • Strong signal with low noise level
  • Accuracy ± 1 ... 3% (process with calibration 0.5%)
  • Flow speed 0.01 ... 25m / s
  • Frequency 0.15%
  • Solids and gas content up to 10%
  • Fluid temperature -50 ... + 115 ° C
  • Available in pipe size 10 ... 3000mm
  • Robust acid-proof IP 68 sensors as standard
  • Robust Ex approved IP 66 enclosure (enclosure material either AISI316 or epoxy coated aluminum)
  • Two measurement channels
  • A magnet with which parameters can be changed through the display
  • Available with built-in data logger
  • Available in RS485, Modbus RTU, HART or Profibus PA
  • Outputs, 4-20mA, Pulse or contact
  • Available with ATEX PT-100 sensor for energy measurement
  • Ex approval IECEx and ATEX (II 2G Ex de IIB T6)

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