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In the versatile DC, AC, stepper and linear stepper motors range of mechatronics, you will find the solution that suits your needs.

Planetary gear is a great option when high torque and small size is required. The advantages of planetary gears are e.g. large gear range, quiet and durable. Planetary gears are suitable for both DC and AC servomotors in a wide range of electrically adjustable devices. Planetary gears are utilized e.g. in door locking mechanisms, for opening and closing doors, for adjusting chairs, beds, etc., in robots, machine tools, printing machines and various conveyors. Also in pneumatic engines, the planetary gearbox is used due to its good efficiency.

The bevel gear is particularly suitable, for example, for sawmill machines with uneven loads. The bewel gear has the advantage of strength, it can withstand multiple starts, reversals and large radial forces. The gearbox body is designed to be as small as possible to minimize weight and size.

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