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Gear flow meter with ball bearing ZHM-MK KEM

For low viscosity lubricating fluids such as: Diesel, Kerosene, Adblue

The ZHM MK Gear Flowmeter has a very low friction ball bearing, an optimized measuring chamber and very small tolerances, making it suitable for lower viscosities than the ZHM-KL and is thus an excellent solution for flow measurement of diesel, Kerosene and Adblue, for example.

ZHM MK Gear flowmeter features :
• Measuring range 0.002 ... 70 l / min
• Accuracy ± 0.1%
• Repeatability 0.05% (under the same measuring conditions)
• Linearity ± 1.5% of measured reading (Viscosity ≥ 5 mm2 / s) ± 2.5 % of actual flow (viscosity ≥ 5 mm² / s for ZHM 01/3)
• Materials: Chassis AISI303, or AISI 316L, Gears AISI F55, Bearings: Ball bearing, Seals: FKM, PTFE
• Maximum pressure 420 bar
• Fluid temperature -40 ° C ... + 180 ° C

Signal converters suitable for ZHM MK flowmeter:
• Pulse at output (VTE 02)
• 4-20mA and pulse output that can be linearized (10-point linearization) (WT.02-WI.02)
• Double pulse at output (VTD 03)
• Explosive mode signal converter (VTE ex)

The local monitors and Electronics:
• the local display in an analogous well as the frequency output (VTC / VIC)
• wall-mounted display analog and frequency output (VTG / VIG)
• panel mounted display analog and frequency outputs (FAS 100)
• wall-mounted local display in an analogous well as the frequency output (FAW100)
• Frequency / Analog Converter (FAU 50)
• Intrinsically Safe for Explosive Atmospheres (EWS)

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